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"Although steering my research towards hockey, the theory of coach education is highly transferable and often requires different sporting contexts to truly understand. It is my aim to offer sports coaches in Gloucestershire a shared mind to provide consistent, safe and enjoyable sport throughout the area."

Coaching Success:

3 x League Titles with Lansdown HC

1 x League Title with 1 East Glos HC

2 x League Titles/Promotions with Wotton-U-E HC

BUCS League Title & BUCS Cup (Player-Coach)

"At 14, coaching hockey as a hobby was always a great source of enjoyment for me. It was only while at Hartpury College that I found a real interest in the theory of coaching. First sparking a move into the professional world as a Canoe Instructor in the south of France. Realising this location, though beautiful, was unable to offer me hockey I moved back to England and began coaching, accepting every opportunity I could and enjoying every minute.

Yet I still yearn for more understanding. Which led me to university to first study Sports Coaching BSc then begin studying Professional Coaching MSc. Alongside my studies I captained the university side to a BUCS league and cup double and played in the National Premier League with Reading HC."

Currently Director at RO Coaching & 

Director of Hockey at Lansdown HC

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